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About Aperture Tricks

Aperture Tricks is the blog for people who use or who are interested in, Apple’s Aperture Photo software. Aperture Tricks provides a place for people to share Aperture news, tips and tricks. Anyone who’s interested in Aperture is welcome to participate. Due to problems with comment spam, we require all comments, tips and tricks to be sent via email to aperturetricks at aol.com.

This site is published by Scott Bourne and is owned by the Bourne Media Group. It’s part of the TrickBlogs Network.

Scott Bourne is a digital media expert, author and trainer with more than 13 years of digital photography experience. Scott is aT3-Level Apple Certified Instructor for Aperture and offers Aperture editorial services, training and consulting. Scott along with his friend and associate Derrick Story authored Aperture Essentials for lynda.com. Scott was also the Technical Editor for the Sybex book, Aperture Exposed, by Ellen and Josh Anon.

For more information call the Bourne Media Group at 253-851-5542.


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