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November 24, 2006

Fotomagico Extensibility With Aperture

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FotoMagico 1.8 now integrates libraries from Apple’s Aperture software in the Images tab so that photos in the Aperture Library can be accessed directly from within FotoMagico. The addition of the “New with Template” command makes it easier for users to create slide shows with the correct settings for the final presentation environment.

Use Aperture Libraries

FotoMagico 1.8 knows how to read Aperture’s library format (Aperture 1.5 or later) and can display images stored in Apple’s professional photo management tool in the Images tab for easy use in a FotoMagico slideshow. This easy integration offers Aperture users a compelling path to great photo presentations.

New From Template

To make it easier for the user to create slide shows with correct settings for the final presentation destination, a “New with Template” command has been added. The users chooses from the most popular scenarios, including “Live Presentation on a Mac”, “DVD on Television”, “Live Presentation on a Projector” and others, and FotoMagico sets up the project automatically. This makes it a lot easier to get the settings for stage size and export right.

Built-in Store

Another new thing is the “Buy now…” menu item which guides you to the closest outlet based on your system’s region setting. Customers from the US for example may use the built-in Kagi Store while customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be directed to Application Systems Heidelberg.

Availablity and Pricing

Boinx FotoMagico 1.8 is available for download immediately as a Universal Application from the website http://www.fotomagico.com. The update is free for all current owners of a valid FotoMagico license. New license keys are for sale via Kagi for U.S. $79. A five day demo license for evaluation can be requested at the Web site.


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