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September 26, 2006

More On Aperture 1.5

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Over the next several weeks I’ll be adding information about Aperture 1.5. Today I want to talk more in-depth about a few of the lesser-known new features.

API & Plug-Ins 

One thing that I was concerned about early on was whether or not Apple would open up Aperture to outside developers. Early discussions with Aperture Project Lead Joe Schorr were not encouraging. But it looks like Apple has decided to open up part of the program. They have released a new API- plug-in architecture that allows third-party developers to connect their products or services to an Aperture workflow.

At Photokina in Germany yesterday, apple was showing off plug-ins from Digital FusionPhotoShelter, Pictage, Connected Flow/Flickr and several of the large photo stock agencies. Unfortunately, there were no announcements of plug-ins that increase Aperture’s editing or manipulating functionality. But the notion that Apple will open up any part of Aperture to third-party development is exciting. It means that there may be the kind of extensibility we see in products like Photoshop through third-party plug-ins.

Window Layouts

The Window Layouts are no more. While I am sure that this will be good news to some, I will miss them. I got very used to the layouts as part of my workflow. You can still reconfigure the windows using  three choices:

1) maximize browser

2) maximize viewer

3) standard

This is going to take some getting used to for me. It also means that I will have to change my training tactics since I often had students switch their layouts based on the old buttons. Maybe I’ll like it after I get used to it but when you’ve used an Application every day for 10 months one way and all of a sudden you have to change, it’s hard.

Lift & Stamp

You can now copy cropping and straightening data from one image to another. Yes! I have been waiting for this feature. When you shoot events and you want to do a basic crop of the background this will speed things up a bunch.

Next week I will cover the changes to the Library. They are significant. They address some of the biggest complaints about Aperture’s file management practices.

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