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September 30, 2006

Aperture 1.5 Available

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Apple has released Aperture 1.5. For more information go to apple.com/aperture for more information.


September 29, 2006

Aperture-related 1.5 updates begin to drop

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As of this morning, Apple started the update process for Aperture 1.5 via Software Update. All the supporting applications like iDVD, GarageBand, iPhoto, etc., received their upgrades. Look for more later.

September 28, 2006

New Camera RAW Formats Supported in Aperture 1.5

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Apple has updated it’s list of cameras with RAW support in Aperture. It appears that 1.5 adds at least three models:

Fuji S2/S3 and the Sony A100

Adobe supports more cameras in Lightroom. Aperture is designed for professional use so many of the point and shoot cameras are not supported. Apple still doesn’t have support for some of the really high end digital backs.

September 26, 2006

More On Aperture 1.5

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Over the next several weeks I’ll be adding information about Aperture 1.5. Today I want to talk more in-depth about a few of the lesser-known new features.

API & Plug-Ins 

One thing that I was concerned about early on was whether or not Apple would open up Aperture to outside developers. Early discussions with Aperture Project Lead Joe Schorr were not encouraging. But it looks like Apple has decided to open up part of the program. They have released a new API- plug-in architecture that allows third-party developers to connect their products or services to an Aperture workflow.

At Photokina in Germany yesterday, apple was showing off plug-ins from Digital FusionPhotoShelter, Pictage, Connected Flow/Flickr and several of the large photo stock agencies. Unfortunately, there were no announcements of plug-ins that increase Aperture’s editing or manipulating functionality. But the notion that Apple will open up any part of Aperture to third-party development is exciting. It means that there may be the kind of extensibility we see in products like Photoshop through third-party plug-ins.

Window Layouts

The Window Layouts are no more. While I am sure that this will be good news to some, I will miss them. I got very used to the layouts as part of my workflow. You can still reconfigure the windows using  three choices:

1) maximize browser

2) maximize viewer

3) standard

This is going to take some getting used to for me. It also means that I will have to change my training tactics since I often had students switch their layouts based on the old buttons. Maybe I’ll like it after I get used to it but when you’ve used an Application every day for 10 months one way and all of a sudden you have to change, it’s hard.

Lift & Stamp

You can now copy cropping and straightening data from one image to another. Yes! I have been waiting for this feature. When you shoot events and you want to do a basic crop of the background this will speed things up a bunch.

Next week I will cover the changes to the Library. They are significant. They address some of the biggest complaints about Aperture’s file management practices.

September 25, 2006

Apple’s Official Aperture 1.5 Press Release

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Here’s the link to the official Apple press release on the new Aperture.

Aperture 1.5 Announced At Photokina

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In a long-expected development Apple announced Aperture 1.5 today. The free download will be available “later this week” according to Apple.

Some new features include:

1) You can now store your images wherever you like

2) Full XMP metadata export support

3) New color adjustment tool

4) New edge sharpen tool

5) New metadata presets

6) Enhancements to the Loupe tool

7) Support for additional RAW formats

8) Better integration with iLife and iWork

9) Improved file renaming tools

10) Sync Aperture albums to iPod

11) Ability to specify resolution in DPI

12) Ability to search image library offline

13) Drag and drop JPEG export feature

Apple is claiming that Aperture now runs on every member of the Mac family from the Mac mini to the iMac and even the MacBook.

I’ll have more details on Tuesday.

September 19, 2006

A Review Of The ShuttlePro V2 for Aperture

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In May, I talked about Contour Design’s ShuttlePRO. At the time, I didn’t have access to the unit. Now I have my very own ShuttlePRO V2 and I spent the last three days using it. I must say I am impressed.

The ShuttlePRO V2 is a multimedia controller capable of working with Aperture (as well as many other Mac/PC applications.) It contains a jog wheel and 15 programmable buttons. It connects to your Mac via USB cable. The ergonomic shape of the device was both attractive and useful. My hand immediately felt comfortable using the ShuttlePRO and I didn’t tire of it, even while stuck in long editing sessions. The controller is symmetrical so it works for either left or right handed Aperture users.

I really like the non-slip surface on the underside of the wheel. In the past, I have tried other controllers and they often slipped, making them unreliable. I also enjoyed the smooth jog knob and shuttle ring.

While the ShuttlePRO comes pre-configured for use with many applications, you need to download the driver for use with Aperture. An Intel/Mac driver is available. I installed the free driver on my MacBookPro with no problem and enjoyed using the map that came with the documentation to learn how each button performed.

It does take some time to get used to using the controller. But I found that time to be well spent. Once I mastered the controller, I found myself able to navigate through my images much more quickly than I could using a mouse or keyboard commands.

I had to sort through a large collection of images. I was very happy with the response of the inner and outer ring of the jog wheel and used both to navigate through and preview images. If this is all the ShuttlePRO offered to Aperture users, it would be worth it’s $109.95 MSRP.

But you can program the buttons on the controller or use the pre-assigned Aperture buttons to do lots of other things. I found it very easy to rate images using the buttons. I have to confess, I am addicted.

The only problem with 15 buttons is remembering what they all do. You can label nine of the buttons using paper cut-outs supplied by Contour Designs. They even have a blank template on their website you can use to make more buttons.

There are few products at the $100 price point which perform as well as the ShuttlePRO V2. I would highly recommend it to any serious Aperture user with the only caution being that not everyone adapts well to media controllers. You might want to try one at the store before you buy just to make sure you can get used to it. I did and won’t go back to my mouse or keyboard shortcuts ever again.

September 14, 2006

What’s Hapening September 25?

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Apple is sponsoring a special press announcement at Photokina in Cologne, Germany September 25. Photokina is the largest photo trade show in the world. The event is only held every 24 months. Apple has never had a large booth there. This year, they do. This year they’re holding a special invitation-only press announcement the day before the show starts on the 25th.

My guess is that we’re going to hear something about an update to Aperture.

September 12, 2006

ApertureTrick #60 – Update the OS

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Aperture is often updated via the OS. I was recently called in to consult on a job where the client was not able to export keywords with images. I spun my wheels for 30 minutes before it hit me. I checked to see what version of the Apple Operating System she was using. You guessed it. 10.4.0. You have to use 10.4.4 or later to get support for keywords upon export.

If your copy of Aperture isn’t behaving as expected, make sure you’re using the most recent OS.

There is one copy of my lynda.com training title called Aperture Essentials. The retail price from lynda.com is $149.99 plus shipping. I have one copy left at $99.00 including shipping. Email info@aperturetricks.com if you’d like this last copy. First come, first served. Of course if you miss out, you can still go to lynda.com to buy the CD. Thanks.

September 8, 2006

Apple UK Offers New Aperture Tethered Workflow Tutorial

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Photographer Jonathan Briggs is offering a free in-depth tutorial on how to use Apple Automator with Aperture to use Aperture in a tethered workflow.

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