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July 31, 2006

Aperture Trick #56 – Delete iPhoto Dupes in Aperture

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Submitted by grasshoppermouse
iPhoto creates a duplicate image file whenever you make any changes to the master, such as rotate, crop, lighten, etc. Thus, if you make even minor edits to each photo, the size of your library will double. Aperture, on the other hand, modifies the master ‘on the fly,’ without making a copy.

When you import your iPhoto library into Aperture, both the iPhoto master and the edited duplicate are imported together as a ‘stack’. To recover some disk space, here’s how to delete all the edited duplicates (which often might be just rotations.)

The key thing to note is that iPhoto masters are tagged with the keywords iPhoto Original, and the edited versions with iPhoto Edited. First, search your entire Aperture library for the keywords iPhoto Edited. Select all found images, and create a new album from the selection. These images will be stacks containing both the original and edited versions.

Then, select all images in the new album and unstack them. Finally, search within the new album for iPhoto Edited, select all the found images, and delete them. (After unstacking, you can instead delete your masters, if you want, by searching for iPhoto Original and then deleting.)

As with any such operation, back up your Library first in case you make a mistake.


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