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June 10, 2006

Aperture Trick #52 – An Answer For Richard’s File Rename Problem

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Rafael Perini was kind enough to offer a solution for Richard's file rename problem. Here it is…

Aperture will not let you edit the shoot date at all for versions, and will not let you change the masters.

Using an exif utility I have called "ExifEdit" which is part of a package called "ExifUtils" I got from here:


I can see the date inside D200 files (which I imagine are very similar as far as EXIF support goes to D2X files). If I use the "ExifDate" command like so:

exifdate -a "0001:00:00" ~/Desktop/_DSC0542.NEF

That adds one year to all dates within the file (which in my case was helpful as the D200 I used was also set to 2005!).

Now the problem from there is how to make Aperture believe the new date, for changing it in the master inside the Aperture library is not enough – you must also change the date in the versions in the Aperture library, for it recorded the files dates on import and will not check the master again.

Inside the Aperture library this can be accomplished by changing all of the .apversion files, which have lines that look like:


If you can manage to change all those dates, then rebuild the Aperture library on startup (holding down Option and Command while restarting) all of the versions will have the new date.

Thanks Rafael and thanks to Richard for sending his question. Rafael wins a waterproof flash card case!

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