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June 3, 2006

Book Review – Aperture (Apple Pro Training Series) By Orlando Luna & Ben Long

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Orlando and Ben know their stuff. Orlando was my Apple T3 trainer and I had the pleasure of seeing parts of this book early. It's very well organized and takes a project approach to teaching this deep application. The 12 master lessons are the same ones used in the T3 training. There is a companion disc that contains training files that I found helpful. If you've been waiting for an Aperture book before diving into this new program, this one won't dissapoint you.

The layout and illustration are top notch and the material even includes some of the 1.1 Aperture improvements.

Even though I have my own Aperture training title coming up from lynda.com and I served as technical editor on another great upcoming Aperture book by Ellen and Josh Anon called "Aperture Exposed," I can highly recommend the Apple pro training title.

In fact, I recommend you buy all three…my title, Ellen's and the Pro Training series. Then you'll know everything there is to know about Aperture.

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