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June 26, 2006

Free Aperture Seminar

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Apple is offering a free Aperture seminar. It's a web-based seminar and it's free. Here's the Apple blurb…

See how to work in RAW format as easily as with JPEG, without
intermediate conversions.

Learn how to find the best shots using intuitive compare-and-select tools and a full-screen workspace for comparing multiple images.

Discover how to adjust and color-correct images—without altering a
single pixel in the original photos.

Examine the flexible organizational tools, comprehensive metadata
support, and powerful search tools for finding shots quickly.

Watch how to instantly create contact sheets, print to a local printer,
or order color-managed prints online.

NOTE: Apple UK is offering a different seminar in the form of some new tips on their website at:



June 21, 2006

Breaking News – Aperture Update 1.1.2

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According to Apple: Aperture 1.1.2 addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance. This update is recommended for all Aperture users.

Several users are reporting noticable performance enhancements. No other information is available at this time.

June 19, 2006

Aperture Training At Lynda.com

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Sorry for the delay between posts. I have been pretty busy. Derrick Story and I have spent some time in Ojai, California at lynda.com recording our Introduction to Aperture title. I am on my way back down there next week to put the finishing touches on the title and it should be ready for distribution in August.

Derrick and I cover all the basics of Aperture in this title. We even throw in some secret tips. I don't know the final count but it should come in at about six or seven hours worth of training. It will be available either as a CD-ROM that you can purchase right here or as online training that you can watch along with 180 other titles for as little as $25 per month. I'll keep you posted on its availability.
I have also decided to start posting here on a regular schedule. Every Monday, I will add a trick, tip, announcement or review. If there's breaking news that's important to Aperture users, I'll cover that no matter when it happens.

Thanks for your interest and support.

June 12, 2006

Aperture Trick #53 – A Better Aperture Web Gallery

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Alex Donald has created a magnificent Aperture Trick that allows users to create online galleries with IPTC and EXIF metadata as well as keyword searching from an aperture album with one click.Visitors can even leave comments about the photos. Well done Alex and thanks for sharing. If you have a trick send it to info@aperturetricks.com.

June 10, 2006

Aperture Trick #52 – An Answer For Richard’s File Rename Problem

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Rafael Perini was kind enough to offer a solution for Richard's file rename problem. Here it is…

Aperture will not let you edit the shoot date at all for versions, and will not let you change the masters.

Using an exif utility I have called "ExifEdit" which is part of a package called "ExifUtils" I got from here:


I can see the date inside D200 files (which I imagine are very similar as far as EXIF support goes to D2X files). If I use the "ExifDate" command like so:

exifdate -a "0001:00:00" ~/Desktop/_DSC0542.NEF

That adds one year to all dates within the file (which in my case was helpful as the D200 I used was also set to 2005!).

Now the problem from there is how to make Aperture believe the new date, for changing it in the master inside the Aperture library is not enough – you must also change the date in the versions in the Aperture library, for it recorded the files dates on import and will not check the master again.

Inside the Aperture library this can be accomplished by changing all of the .apversion files, which have lines that look like:


If you can manage to change all those dates, then rebuild the Aperture library on startup (holding down Option and Command while restarting) all of the versions will have the new date.

Thanks Rafael and thanks to Richard for sending his question. Rafael wins a waterproof flash card case!

June 5, 2006

Certified Redux

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I was in one of the first Aperture T3 sessions. These are the Train The Trainer sessions that Apple runs to grant Apple Certified Trainer status. I didn't have to take the test at the time the class was given because, well, there was no test. So I was given my "provisional" certification pending successful completion of the test when it became available.

I am happy to report that I officially passed the Prometric Prime Testing Systems: Apple Aperture Level 1 T3 Exam and am now OFFICIALLY certified.

Thanks to Orlando and Jeffery my T3 trainers for their help in getting me through the test. 

June 4, 2006

Customizing Aperture Web Templates

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I was just in the middle, literally, of writing an article on how to custimize Aperture's web templates when someone alerted me to the fact that Ben Long (Co-author of the book featured in the last post) has a great one on his web site. I am too busy to re-invent the wheel and I don't have anything to add to Ben's great piece so I'll just link to it instead and say well done!


June 3, 2006

Book Review – Aperture (Apple Pro Training Series) By Orlando Luna & Ben Long

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Orlando and Ben know their stuff. Orlando was my Apple T3 trainer and I had the pleasure of seeing parts of this book early. It's very well organized and takes a project approach to teaching this deep application. The 12 master lessons are the same ones used in the T3 training. There is a companion disc that contains training files that I found helpful. If you've been waiting for an Aperture book before diving into this new program, this one won't dissapoint you.

The layout and illustration are top notch and the material even includes some of the 1.1 Aperture improvements.

Even though I have my own Aperture training title coming up from lynda.com and I served as technical editor on another great upcoming Aperture book by Ellen and Josh Anon called "Aperture Exposed," I can highly recommend the Apple pro training title.

In fact, I recommend you buy all three…my title, Ellen's and the Pro Training series. Then you'll know everything there is to know about Aperture.

June 1, 2006

Aperture Trick #51

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Apple has provided the following trick…

If you need to create a version of an image and compare it to the original — side by side — you can do it in one move. From the Images menu select the Create and Add to Selection option. From there you can duplicate a version, create a new version from the Master RAW file, or even create a new version from the associated JPEG. Once the version is created, it appears side by side with the original selected version. 

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