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May 22, 2006

Follow Up On The Double Standard

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I heard from several of you regarding my last post. I got more than 30 emails. Obviously I hit a nerve or at least voiced the same thing many of you are thinking.

While there were several opinions, the general agreement seems to come down on the side of Photoshop gets a free pass because…

Too many people make their living hyping, selling, writing about, teaching and supporting Photoshop to honestly evaluate its flaws. On the other hand, since Aperture is new, there’s no real industry surrounding it and consequently, it’s easier for people to be willing to attack it.

I think I agree with that position. And it really doesn’t matter. People will continue to support Photoshop no matter what. It’s up to Apple to build an audience for Aperture that evokes the same kind of loyalty. So far, Apple is off to a questionable start. But it’s early days yet and there’s plenty of time to turn it around.


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