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May 16, 2006

Aperture Users Want Upgrade Path – And This Time, They’re Not Just Whining

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Time for a rant…If you don’t like rants, stop reading now.

I admit it. I am somewhat fed up by the whining that has gone on in the Aperture forums. People’s expectations seem way out of whack lately with anything close to reality. Most of the complaints I’ve seen about Aperture are simply unfounded. But here’s one that’s straight up legitimate and Apple should be shamed into doing something about it.

A group of Aperture users has banded together to try to force Apple to listen. The Yahoo group can be found at:

The problem is simple. Apple sold G5 towers with the nVidia 6600 card as Aperture capable. And while true, it’s just barely true. I had that card in a G5 tower and found performance to be sloooooooow. So I yelled and screamed and Apple let me return my new G5 for full credit and order a new G5 with the nVidia GT7800. All was forgiven. But it seems that option is not available for the masses so a bunch of early adopters are stuck with less than happy Aperture experiences because Apple doesn’t offer an upgrade path.

Actually, I have never heard of such a thing. Who would have thought that you could buy a computer these days but not be able to upgrade the video card. But that is in fact the case. If you buy a Mac G5 from Apple with the new PCIExpress Bus (the only way it comes now) then you better get the right card when you order because once you get past the return period, you’re stuck with THAT card period. There is no upgrade path. Personally, knowing that, I wouldn’t buy that computer. And I assume that while the current Aperture owners are stuck, future prospects should and will be forewarned and forearmed.

Apple, if you’re listening, do the right thing. Once again, stop treating your customers like adversaries. Give people an upgrade path or a refund and be done with it. You make some very great stuff Apple. And we want to love you. We really do. But you have to help.


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