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May 14, 2006

Ars Technica

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Several of you contacted me to see if I'd read Dave Girard's updated Aperture review. I did glance at it. But I rarely visit that site any more. Since the flawed 1.0 review that Dave wrote appeared, Ars Technica has no credibility with me. 

You see I learned early on that any fool can burn down a barn but it takes some hard work to build one. I predicted early on that the Aperture-bashers would change their tune and a quick read of Girard's review proves my point.

The bottom line is this. The guy didn't understand the program when he wrote his first review and rather than admit it, he slammed what he didn't understand. Now that time has passed, and Apple has responded to a few of the legitimate critiques Aperture did receive, the Girards of the world will jump on the bandwagon.

And here's my favorite part, when Aperture 8.0 is released, the Girards of the world will be bragging how from the start, they used and loved the program.

Yeah right. 


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