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April 24, 2006

17″ MacBookPro Announced

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Many photographers (my pal Derrick Story included) have been waiting for the 17inch MacBookPro. Well it’s here and it may well be the perfect Aperture launch pad for photographers who work in the field. Here are some important features…

1) 2.16 Model costs the same as the 15″ 2.16 MacBookPro
2) Now supports 8x Dual layer DVD burner
3) Firewire 800 now available

The beefed up DVD player/burner isn’t as big a deal to me as to some people.

I miss not having Firewire 800 on my 15″ MacBookPro but I’m hoping for a PCI Express card bus – based Firewire 800 card soon. Aperture performs better with external libraries mounted on a Firewire 800 bus.

As for the weight, I’m happy carrying less weight around (the 17″ model weighs 6.8 pounds, very light for a 17″ laptop with so much power.) As I get older, every pound I DON’T have to carry I love.

That said, if I didn’t already own the 15″ model, I’d order the 17″ today and learn to live with the weight.

On balance, this looks like a great laptop and one that many pro photographers will want to own, especially if they run Apeture.


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