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April 3, 2006

Aperture Trick #48 – Backing Up Aperture Presets

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Aperture enables you to create presets for many of its functions, including saving custom print output settings, slideshow transitions, and creating your own file export configurations. Much in the same way that your Photoshop actions become invaluable assets, so will your Aperture presets. In fact, if you were to lose those presets, or move to a new installation of Aperture without them, you'd feel the pain of having to recreate all that work.

If you have a .Mac account, you can automate backing up your Aperture presets so that you always have the latest settings available. Then you can then retrieve them for a new installation or for restoration after a crash.

The Aperture presets are located here: Your Home Folder > Library > Application Support > Aperture. Simply navigate Backup to this folder and set up daily backups. That way you'll always have your latest set of presets available… no matter what happens.

Thanks to Derrick Story for this trick. Visit Derrick's web site www.thedigitalstory.com for more information on this trick and other cool digital media stuff.


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