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March 15, 2006

Aperture Trick #43 – Migrate Images – First 1.1 Trick!

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Thanks to Joe Schorr of Apple for putting this information out!

There’s a new command in 1.1 called “Migrate Images.” This allows you to do a batch update to any number of images.

One of the nice options in the Migrate command is to have Aperture automatically update only those images that have no adjustments on them. In other words, any images that you’ve already worked on, tweaked settings, color corrected, etc. it leaves alone. (Conversely, you can have it do the the opposite and only update the RAW decode on those images you HAVE worked on.)

So you can upgrade/downgrade photos on an image-by-image basis to achieve the best possible results. Or just roll whole projects to the updated RAW decode so you can take advantage of the improved rendering and FIne Tuning controls.

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