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March 7, 2006

MacBookPro Update #2

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I’ve had a few more days with the new laptop and have a couple of additional observations.

Start up from a dead stop is wicked fast. You hit the power button and it seems like almost instantly, you’re ready for business. It’s really impressive.

The mag safe power cord has already saved my bacon once. But it does come out with very little effort so you need to double check that you haven’t unhooked yourself from AC power from time-to-time.

The backlit keyboard actually works on this computer. I remember when I bought my first PowerBook with this feature and I never could get it to illuminate the keys. It works well on the MacBookPro and since I often type in dim light, I have grown to really appreciate it.

I also want to note that MacWorld Magazine says some of the laptops they tested make an occasional odd noise. My machine is the quietest computer I have ever owned. It makes almost no noise at all.

GarageBand works as well on my new laptop as it does on my desktop. That’s remarkable since my desktop comes with four gigs of RAM (compared to my MacBookPro’s two gigs) and DualCore 2.3 PowerMac G5 processors (compared to the DualCore 2.0 Intel) processors.

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