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March 6, 2006

Aperture Tricks #41 – Better Performance Library

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Steve Goldenberg sent me this trick:

Watch out for Librarys store on an encrypted Filevault! I use filevault to secure my home directory on my powerbook and i was getting truly miserable performance on many functions in Aperture. I store my raw images in an unencrypted folder on my machine but, since Aperture wants to store itself by default in ~/Pictures/ApertureLibrary.aplibrary, there was a lot of data being read and written that was passing through the encryption gateway. I moved my library outside of my home directory and performance improved by at least 40%.

Thanks Steve. Send us your trick and you’ll be entered into our monthly drawing. On April 1, 2006 we’ll give away two $20 gift certificates to Hunt’s Photo.

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