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March 2, 2006

MacBookPro Update

Filed under: Reviews — Scott @ 6:45 pm

I’ve had a few days with the new laptop and I can’t report anything on how it works with Aperture but I can tell you a few things about the computer that you might want to know. Battery life is about three hours with steady use. That’s enough for most plane rides. And the screen is beautiful. I sat it right next to one of my Apple Cinema Displays and it’s just as nice. I did run Photoshop on it and it seems a little slow because of Rosetta but it still works well enough to be enjoyable. And the images look 100% better than they ever did on my PowerBook. The magsafe power cord is cool as is the built-in camera. I think it’s a remarkable machine and can’t wait for the 17-inch version 🙂


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