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March 31, 2006

Update On 1.1

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Today, Joe Schorr, Apple Product Manager for Aperture posted the following note on the Apple Aperture forum:

“Hi all —

I know many of you are very anxious to start using 1.1 and I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting it to you. I can assure you that we are VERY close to finalizing this release, but we simply felt it was very much in the best interests of our customers to slightly extend the testing period.

Feedback from our preview showings and from our beta seed group has been really helpful and we want to deliver the best update we can.

Thanks for your patience.”

Joe Schorr
Product Manager, Aperture

While short on detailed information, this is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for and talking about in my last post. More communication. With this simple act, I think Joe has helped the situation. Thanks Joe.


The Update Snafu – An Editorial

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I have received emails from several regular readers who were very unhappy with the news that Apple would not make its March deadline for the release of Aperture 1.1.

Some of you thought I was a bit harsh in my own statements, some of you thought I didn’t go far enough. Since there may be some confusion, let me clarify my thinking now that I’ve had a day to digest the news.

First, I still support Apple and Aperture and think Aperture is going to be (if it isn’t already) one of the most significant pieces of photography-related software ever produced. We all know it has bugs. What groundbreaking piece of software doesn’t? Nothing is perfect these days.

And in retrospect, I don’t think missing the deadline is necessarily a big deal. Unless, Apple misses the next deadline too. And that’s part of the biggest problem. From day one, Apple has done a poor job of managing expectations when it comes to Aperture. In fact, I suspect you could call it a case study in how NOT to treat your customers.

Back to the update, many of you expressed the feeling that you’d rather they get it right than rush it out with new bugs. I certainly agree. My problem isn’t so much that it’s late. My problem is that Apple has a sick devotion to secrecy that leads to the net effect of no communication with their customers.

Apple seems to have taken their cues from the airline industry. When your plane is late, don’t you usually feel like the airline is giving you too little information or incorrect information?

That’s how Apple has managed Aperture.

If they had simply kept us informed of their progress (or lack thereof) I could have easily forgiven them missing the deadline.

A few of you asked me about the word “adversary” used in my last post. That’s coming from an honest place. While I have been accused of being an Apple shill because I like Aperture, I am not. I don’t work for Apple and have no more pull than the rest of you when it comes to getting information out of Apple.

And as a customer, I resent the fact that Apple seems to feel the need to keep secrets from me. That makes me feel like we have an adversarial relationship.

While I am sure all will be forgiven over time, and I will certainly continue to use and advocate for Aperture, I don’t know how many more of these miscues Apple can afford before it alienates the entire community.

Now I know Apple doesn’t care what I think, nor are they about to come to me for marketing advice, but I think they would go father faster by simply opening up SOME line of communication about Aperture so that the community knows what to expect. We’re all grown ups Apple. Start trusting your customers. Let us know what’s going on. If you do, I think most of us will stick with you to the end.

March 30, 2006

Breaking News – No Update Until April

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Apple has finally admitted it won't make its promised March deadline for version 1.1. Unfortunately, Apple's admission comes amid virtually no communication with its users. Only the minimal reference to the update available in April lets us know the original deadline will not be met.

As an advocate of Aperture, I admit to being unhappy with this turn of events. There's no reason to believe Apple will meet the April deadline either. All we can do is wait and see.

In the mean time, I wish Apple would get a little better at talking with its customers instead of treating them like adversaries.

March 27, 2006

Last Chance for April Drawing

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Just a reminder that if you want to enter our drawing for one of the two $20 gift certificates good at Hunt's Photo, you need to send us a trick, news item or other cool Aperture idea before the 30th of March. You must be at least 18 years or older to participate and you must be a resident of the USA.

March 25, 2006

Aperture Trick #47 – Rotate Photos in Book Layouts

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You CAN rotate photos in a book. When laying out the book, click the Edit Layout button, so that you can move the various elements on the page. Click the photo box that you want to rotate, then move your pointer to one of the corners of the selected photo box. The cursor will turn into a cross-hair. You can now do a free rotate of the box, setting it to any angle.

To rotate a picture WITHIN the photo box (while leaving the box itself unrotated), use the Straighten tool. Select the photo in the book (having clicked the Edit Content button), then click the “Show Viewer for this Browser” button (it’s the button just to the right of the sorting pop-up in the browser). This displays the currently selected photo from your book in a standard viewer. Now use the Straighten tool to rotate the image. Click the “Show Viewer for the Browser” button again to toggle back into the book layout and your photo will appear in its newly-rotated position in the book layout.

March 23, 2006

Refine Design Conference

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Evolve Seattle is hosting the Refine Design Conference in Seattle April 5. I will be teaching two sessions, one on Photoshop retouching and restoration and another on Aperture. It's only $119 if you make the early bird deadline so check it out, you'll be glad you did. Here's the direct link – RefineDesign.

March 20, 2006

Aperture Trick #46 Library Spanning

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I have heard some complaints about Aperture’s inability to span disks and hence, users are limited to one disk for their photo library. No more. Thanks to Aperture Tricks contributor Derrick Story for working with Ben Long to promote Ben’s new Aperture Library Spanning utility. Here’s Derrick’s write up on the trick: http://www.thedigitalstory.com/blog/2006/03/ben_longs_aperture_l.html and here’s a link to the info on Ben Long’s site: http://www.completedigitalphotography.com/?p=417

Let me put my own spin on this by saying first, make sure you back up your Library before trying this. Second, it’s really cool how the Aperture community is coming together to make a good program more valuable.

As always, stay tuned to Aperture Tricks for all the information you need to get the most out of Aperture and if you have an Aperture trick, please send it to us at aperturetricks@aol.com.

March 19, 2006

Aperture Trick #45 Managing Your Library on a Laptop

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Aperture’s bulging library of RAW files can bring your laptop’s hard drive to its knees. My co-Aperture teacher and Aperture Tricks contributor Derrick Story  was down to one GB of free disk space on his hard disk and had to find a solution in order to keep Aperture running on his laptop. The system he worked out uses an external LaCie mobile drive to store his master Aperture library. Then, he drags out Aperture projects onto the laptop’s hard drive. Once he finishes working on the project, he adds it back to his master library. You can read more about how this works at Derrick’s site here: How to Manage a Large Aperture Library on a PowerBook.

Thanks for this great trick Derrick!

March 17, 2006

Aperture Tricks #44 – Quickly Search Keywords

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Her’s a quick way to quickly narrow down a set of images that all have the same specified keywords. Instead of checkmarking several keywards in the search HUD, you can just type in several keywords separated by commas in the quicksearch text box. For example, you could search for all images containing “dog, chihuahua, white” and they’d appear.

Thanks to Tym for sending this trick. If you send in a trick, you will find yourself joining Tym in our drawing. This month we have two $20 gift certificates from Hunt’s Photo. And by the way, if you need a copy of Aperture, e-mail my friend Gary Farber at filmguygary@aol.com and tell him Scott Bourne sent you. You’ll get Aperture for $450 with free shipping.

March 16, 2006

Aperture Certification

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It’s wierd how questions come in droves. I received five emails this week from people asking me how to become Apple Certified Trainers. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t exactly make it easy to find the right link on their site so I will supply it here.

Go to http://www.apple.com/software/pro/training/t3.html to find out how to take the T3 course if you want to become an Apple Certified Trainer in Aperture. Good luck.

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