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February 28, 2006

New Mac Book Pro Has Arrived

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Yesterday I received my MacBookPro laptop from Apple. It actually arrived about 10 days early! I powered it up and installed software last night. I just finished installing Aperture on the laptop. The installer lets me complete the task and says the software is installed but when I try to run the application, I get a warning dialog box that informs me my machines doesn’t meet the hardware reqirements. This was to be expected. I just wanted to experience it myself. And in any event, it’s a necessary step. In order for Software Update to see that my machine is ready for the Aperture cross-grade, I have to have Aperture on the disk. According to Apple, when the binary version is ready, Software Update will see my copy of Aperture and prompt me to download the free upgrade. I’ll let you know how the process works as soon as I test it. For now, I am enjoying the built in speed bump for Intel-native applications like iPhoto and GarageBand!


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