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February 26, 2006

Apple Announces Aperture Update At PMA

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As expected, Apple announced version 1.1 of Aperture today at PMA. The new version will be free to existing Aperture owners and will be available as part of the switch to universal applications that run on both the Power PC and the Intel Mac platforms. The new version is universal and will work on both Intel and Power PC Macs. But the new version is more than a mere port to the Intel platform. Apple has made significant upgrades to Aperture.

The main thrust of Aperture’s improvements will come in the RAW processing. New sharpening, curve correction and noise reduction can and will happen during the RAW conversion.

Other improvements include better management of layered PSD files, the much requested DPI controls for image exporting and the ability to work with tethered cameras.

Apple claims the new Aperture will also run up to three times faster than version 1.01.

The update will be available through Software Update sometime in march. Stay tuned to Aperture Tricks for more information.


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