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February 25, 2006

Aperture Tricks #38 Keyboard Shortcuts In Stacks

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One of the best things about using Aperture’s Stacks feature to compare and select images is the ability to move quickly through your images.

While almost all software packages allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to complete routine tasks, no program I have ever seen cries out for shortcut use more than Aperture. It really speeds things up to learn and use the shortcuts and one of the first places you should put this into practice is when you are using Stacks.

Here are all the keyboard shortcuts for Stacks…

Select previous stack——–Option–Page Up
Select next stack————Option–Page Down
Open/Close stack————-Shift-K
Open all stacks————–Option-apostrophe (‘)
Close all stacks————-Option-semicolon (;)
Create stack—————–Command-K
Split stack——————Option-K
Set stack pick—————Command-backslash (\)
Promote stack item———–Command–left bracket ([)
Demote stack item————Command–right bracket (])
Extract item—————–Shift-Option-K

Practice using these one at a time until you have them down pat and you will speed up your compare and selection time.

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