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February 14, 2006

Aperture Trick #34 – More on RAW + JPEG

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Ben Long sent me a great script to work with RAW+JPEG imports and I posted that last week. But then several of you sent me emails suggesting additional support for RAW existed and I added that information to my own research and want to share that with you now.

Like others, I wish the RAW+JPEG workflow were better, but there’s more support than I think most people realize:

1. Aperture actually DOES import RAW+JPEG. It sees both files and brings them both into the Library. By default it only displays the RAW image. To see the JPEG too, just select any image and press Option-J, (That’s the keyboard shortcut for New Version from Master JPEG.) Now-the RAW AND the JPEG appear together in a stack. If you make the JPEG the “pick” of the stack, then you can collapse the stack and see only the JPEG.

2. Once you have both the RAW and the JPEG, you will want to be able to tell which is which. Aperture CAN (despite complaints from some reviewers who just don’t know how to properly use the software) display full filenames and file extensions You need to set up the metadata display options correctly.

– Create a new Metadata set using the Action menu on the metadata inspector.

– Click the “Other” button at the bottom of the inspector and turn on File Name as the only field to be displayed for this new set.

– Open View > View Options and set either Set number 1 or Set number 2 in either the Viewer or Browser to display your new metdata set, consisting of File Name.

Now you can toggle full filenames (With extensions) on or off the images in the Viewer or on thumbnails in the browser.

You could also just modify any existing metadta set to accomplish this by replacing the “Version Name” field with the “File Name” field.


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