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February 14, 2006

18 Ways That Aperture Is Better Than Lightroom

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18 Ways That Aperture Is Better Than Lightroom
By Scott Bourne

Okay, let me say right off the bat that I understand Lightroom is in Beta. But if you’re going to release an application for public use, you have to understand that merely calling something a Beta release in order to get a free pass on the stuff you left out won’t cut it with everyone – including me.

While the Adobe shills are VERY busy attacking Aperture, they seem to be very forgiving of the following differences between Aperture and Lightroom. This list is in no way complete and depending on when you read it, some changes might have been made. But for now, in Lightroom you have:

1) Slower image processing speed
2) No Redeye tool
3) No Spotting Tool
4) No Stacks
5) No way to view images at 100% prior to RAW conversion
6) No zoom and drag of multiple images
7) No Versions (variations on a single RAW, without going to photoshop, i.e., no way to save multiple versions of one file)
8) An AppleScript dictionary that offers only a basic Cocoa implementation
9) No watermarking
10) Not as many ways to customize the interface
11) Limited Batch Export options
12) No Smart Albums
13) No “Lightbox” feature to layout images
14) No book templates
15) No Web Portfolio output
16) No built in back-up function (Vault)
17) No dual display support – Aperture allows you to customize how your second display is used (if you have one)
18) No Automator actions

I had a longer list but the 2.0 Beta fixed some of the most glaring omissions like no crop, no straighten tool, no rotate tool, no centralized metadata support and no music for slideshows. Since I only had a few minutes with the new Lightroom 2.0, there may be things I missed so please let me know if you find any and I will update this article.

Back to the program…Will Adobe correct the remaining problems? You can rest assured that they will fix at least some of these shortcomings, just as Apple is working on fixes for bugs in Aperture. But then again, since Lightroom is in Beta, we don’t really know what Adobe will keep and what they will throw away going forward. And while the Adobe engineers are improving Lightroom, don’t forget that Aperture too will be constantly upgraded. (Just look at the differences betwene Final Cut Pro version one and version five.)

There are some advantages to Lightroom. It has broader RAW conversion support and uses the more familiar ACR engine for conversions. This is an advantage only if you prefer ACR and only if your camera isn’t supported in Aperture.

Lightroom also runs better on a laptop or older Mac since it doesn’t have the overhead of Aperture.

No matter which is your favorite, I hope you’ll join me in rooting for both programs to be successful. Competition is good and will require both Apple and Adobe to keep working at satisfying the customer.

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