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February 13, 2006

Aperture Trick #33 – Repairing Damaged Preference Files

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If your copy of Aperture is acting up, you may want to experiment with your Aperture preference files.

Go to the user\Library\Preferences and delete the Aperture reference (you may want to duplicate it and move it to your desktop as a backup first). Here’s how:

Delete your .plist. Go to your user\Library\Application Support\Aperture. Right click (Or Control>Click) on the Aperture folder and choose “Create Archive of Aperture.” This creates a zip file of all your .plist settings in case you need to revert. Once you see the “Aperture.zip” file, you can now delete the original “Aperture” folder within the Library. Launching Aperture will create new .plists for ones that are missing and may stabilize the program and correct instability.

NOTE: We’ve received many suggestions about this trick from too many people to give credit to just a few. So thanks to everyone who sent us information on this topic. It’s no doubt appreciated by those who use Aperture and who rely on this blog for help. Keep the tricks coming and on March 1, you could win two packs of inkjet paper from LexJet or a copy of the Peachpit Press title, “Getting Started With Aperture.”


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