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February 6, 2006

Signature Series Book Designs For Aperture – A Review

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As I announced here two weeks ago, mac:method and Silvery Stars Productions have released a set of new templates that work within Aperture’s book designs. You can find the templates at:

this website.

The company says: These are “the first in a series of professionally designed book layout plug-ins that work with Apple’s professional photography workflow application, Aperture. These layouts will showcase your work with beautiful, dynamic page flows and a long list of filters not included with the standard Apple layouts. Once your design is complete, the book can be ordered and printed just like the built-in book designs that come pre-installed with Aperture.”

I received the product for review and followed the instructions provided and am happy to report that the templates loaded seamlessly and flawlessly into my copy of Aperture 1.01. When I set up a book using the new templates, the new designs appeared in the menu right next to the original Apple designs. I ran the templates through their paces, autoflowing images into each one with no problem. I made a PDF from the new designs and printed it on my Epson printer with no problem. I did not send the books to Apple for printing but have absolutely no reason to doubt that they will print well using Apple’s printing vendor.

I don’t have any criticism of the product at all. Whether you’ll like the templates or not is up to you. I think they are very tasteful and very well done. I recommend them to anyone who wants to expand the Aperture book layouts. I do want to caution against reliance on the word “plug-in” that appears in the company’s marketing materials. Aperture doesn’t support plug-ins in the technical sense. But that misnomer aside, the Signature Series Book Designs are a real winner.


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