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February 5, 2006

Aperture Tricks #30 – Automator Import of RAW + JPEG

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Ben Long sent us this VERY nifty little Automator script…

If you regularly shoot in Raw + JPEG, and you use Apple’s Automator, then you might have already discovered that when importing raw and JPEG files that have the same name, Aperture ignores the JPEG files. This Automator Action provides a simple, speedy workaround to this problem.

Separate JPEGs takes any folder that you pass to it and automatically creates a sub-folder inside of it called JPEGs. It then moves any JPEG images in the source folder to the new sub-folder.

To install, place the Separate JPEGs action inside your Home > Library > Automator folder (if a folder doesn’t exist at that location, then create one). Launch Automator and drag any folders you want to process into the workflow window. Then add the Separate JPEGs action to the workflow and run it. Separate JPEGs can be found in the Finder category.

Download at:

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