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February 4, 2006

Site News & Housekeeping

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Send your tricks, tips and announcements to aperturetricks@aol.com.

Thanks for your interest in Aperturetricks.com. I really appreciate the Aperture community’ support for my work on this site. And this is a reminder that I can’t do it alone. I rely on my audience. You’re the most important part of this site. Please send me announcements, news, product info, information on new books and of course your favorite Aperture tricks and tips. If you send info to me you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly drawing.*

I’m also keeping a diary of information on Aperture’s competition Lightroom. If you know of something Aperture will do that Lightroom won’t, send it to me and I will publish the results here next month.

Derrick Story and I are teaching a course in Aperture in San Francisco March 17 and 18th. Contact me here or visit the Pixel Corps website for more information. The fee for this class is $249.

We have lots of tips and tricks on the site. Be sure to check the archives and you can use the Google search bar to look for our older tricks.

And also remember that all tricks are valid on the date they are posted but since Aperture is a new application, there’s no guarantee that they will still work as Apple updates the program.

Thanks for visiting Aperture Tricks!


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