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January 29, 2006

Announcing The Release of Aperture2iLife

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Lightbox Software announces a new Aperture tool: Aperture2iLife http://www.lightboxsoftware.com/aperture

Aperture2iLife allows you to take your Aperture projects and images and use them instead of iPhoto in your iLife and iWork applications, from iWeb to iDVD. To use it, make sure iPhoto is not running, open Aperture2iLife, select a project, and click “Start.” Aperture2iLife will load your project’s images and generate thumbnails. Furthermore, you can choose to use your Master files directly, but since some of the iApps can’t load RAW files, you can also set it to create jpegs with the changes you’ve made to your images in Aperture automatically applied. Then, leave Aperture2iLife running and go open up an iApp to see your photos! Be aware that if you switch projects, you’ll have to close and re-open your iApp, and do not run iPhoto while using Aperture2iLife since iPhoto will interfere with Aperture2iLife.

NOTE: I tested Josh’s program and it absolutely works. Of course, not everyone who uses Aperture cares about bringing images from Aperture into iLife, but if you do, this program makes that happen seamlessly. You can write Automator scripts to do the same thing but it’s not something everyone knows how to do or even has time to do. Josh’s program works well and is in my opinion, a good solution.
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