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January 18, 2006


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If you want to create proofs that are more stylized than the ones that are available in CONTACT SHEET mode, or if you just want to create comps that can easily be printed or saved as a PDF or JPEG, then Aperture’s Light Table is for you.

Place some images on the Light Table. Drag-select over the images you want to print or save as a PDF. Note, you can select some or all of the images. This trick works either way.

Once you have your selection, go to the File menu and select the “Print Light Table” command. This command will print only the portion of the Light Table that you have selected. If you have not selected any images, this command will print all of the images on the Light Table.

Aperture will automatically size the Light Table to the page size you specify using either one of Apple’s presets or one that you create.

In the print dialog box, you can choose between printing the Light Table layout to a printer or a PDF. While it’s not an option in Aperture, you can also convert this layout to a JPEG for electronic publishing. Here’s how:

Using Apple’s free software called Preview, you can open the PDF and convert it to a JPEG for publishing on the Web or for sending as an e-mail attachment.


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