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January 13, 2006

Aperture v. Lightroom

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Those of us on the Mac platform are fortunate. Aperture, Lightroom and iPhoto, three of the most important pieces of photo software in the world only run on a Mac.

The Adobe answer to Apple’s Aperture is called Lightroom. And while the critics were all over Aperture, they seem to be lining up to praise Lightroom. I find this curious since Lightroom doesn’t seem to be half the program Aperture is. And while I think Lightroom will have its place for certain photographers, I also think it’s fair to point out it’s early flaws.

For instance, you can’t even crop an image in Lightroom. You can’t add music to a slideshow in Lightroom. You can’t view a RAM image at 100% in Lightroom. There’s no STACKS in Lightroom. Get the idea?

So here’s the deal. At Aperturetricks.com, we’re going to start building a list of things Aperture can do that Lightroom cannot. The list will eventually be published here and other places. Please contribute your list at the followng email address:

aperturetricks at aol.com

(Sorry – for not hotlinking the email address but we’re allready getting too much spam.)

And we’ll be entering your name into our drawings. On January 28 we’re giving away a free Lensbaby. And beginning February 1, 2006, we’re giving away AT LEAST one prize each month. Our next prize is a copy of The Peachpit Press title, “Introduction to Aperture.”


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