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January 12, 2006

MacWorld Final Update

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This is my last day at MacWorld in San Francisco. It’s been a great show. The crowds were huge and the new Macs are indeed screamers. To quote Steve Jobs, they “Scroll Like Butter!” (You had to be there to understand that.)

I was allowed to play with the new (not yet shipping) MacBookPro laptop and man is it fast. I’ll wait for the 17-inch model since I think Aperture can use all the screen real estate it can get. But waiting will be hard, given the fact that I have seen for myself how fast these new machines are.

As for our Aperture class, it came to a close yesterday. We got stellar workshop evaluations from our wonderful audience and I think everyone, including the two of us who taught the class, learned a great deal.

Aperture drew lots of attention at the show. Jobs gave it nearly top billing in the keynote and there were Aperture demos going on throughout the showfloor. Apple had one whole wall full of G5s running dual Apple Cinema Displays and all were running Aperture. It was a sight to behold. The big Apple theatre in the middle of the floor was home to some grand Aperture demos seen by hundreds of people at a time.

It’s a great time to be a photographer and a Mac user since three of the most important photo software programs are Mac only.

Until next year it’s goodbye MacWorld.


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