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January 11, 2006


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Well sort of. While there’s no actual update to the Aperture Program itself, Apple did release OS 10.4.4 yesterday here at Macworld and this is a must have upgrade for Aperture users. Remember, that Apple relies on its 32-bit Core Image technology to make Aperture work. Without getting too technical here, it’s important that I explain to you that Core Image has a component called “Image Input/Output” otherwise known in the developer community as Image I/O. And Image I/O was updated in the new OS 10.4.4.

What this means for Aperture users is simple: Improved stability and real improvements in the way that Aperture hangs on to the EXIF data that gets attached to images. You can now even export your EXIF data and IPTC data with RAW files that are exported out of Aperture. That’s a big deal since it was one of the big complaints of early reviewers. There’s still a bug that makes it hard to hang on to original EXIF data from the camera that comes into Aperture and then out as a TIFF file, but Apple’s Joe Schorr, Aperture product lead, told me Apple is aware of that one remaining problem and working on it.

Please note that while Apple relies on the OS to update its camera raw conversion capability, there’s nothing in the 10.4.4 in the way of new conversions. 10.4.4 had to be ready for Macworld and there wasn’t time between the 1.01 update and now to implement any additional camera raw functionality. While Apple NEVER comments on future plans, they came as close as they can to saying that additional camera raw functionality will be available in the next OS update and that could be soon.


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