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January 11, 2006


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While some reviewers and early Aperture users complained that you can’t read RGB values in Aperture, their concerns weren’t justified. You can read these values, you just have to know how to do it. Here’s a tip from my friend Derrick Story that came up during our Aperture training session at Macworld…

If you’ve wanted to read RGB values in Aperture, then you’ve probably
been frustrated by the lack of a color meter tool built into the
application. But here’s a nifty workaround until Apple adds it to a
future version.

Go to your Utilities folder and open DigitalColor Meter. It’s a slick
little app included with Mac OS X. In its preferences, set the
magnification factor to 8X, and check the box next to “Float window
above other apps.” Move the diameter of the meter (called Aperture
Size) to its smallest setting.

Now open the Aperture application. You’ll see the color meter
floating above the application enabling to you to take pixel-level
readouts. It works great. You may want to add this app to your Dock.

(This great tip came directly from Apple during a discussion about

Thanks to Derrick Story from The Digital Story for this tip.

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