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January 7, 2006

Aperture Book News

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There are several Aperture books coming. The first will probably come from my friends Ellen and Josh Anon. The mother/son team is already working hard on an Aperture book. You can visit Ellen’s website here.

Ben Long who writes for Creative Pro also informed me he’s working on a book about Aperture. You can read more about Ben here.

Derrick Story who invited me to be his co-presenter at the MacWorld Power Tools conference will also have a book with O’Reilly. Derrick’s web site can be found here.

And last but not least, if you’re a reader of my “88 Secrets” series of photography books, you may have guessed I will do a book on Aperture. Well not to worry. “88 Secrets to Aperture” is in the works, although I may wait for a while to publish it given the fact that Aperture will no doubt be morphing and changing a fair amount in its first year.

Stay tuned to Aperturetricks.com because I will be promoting ALL the Aperture books out there on the market, not just my own. And if you know of another book either on the shelf or in the works, email me at aperturetricks at aol.com.


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