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January 3, 2006

Aperture Trick #15 IMAGE STRAIGHTEN

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If you try to straighten an image by clicking on the straighten tool in the tool bar and then clicking and dragging within your image, it’s easy to go too far or not far enough. Actually getting the image straight often requires some luck done that way. An easier way to straighten an image is to open the Adjustment Inspector or HUD and click on the straighten tool from the drop down menu under the + sign. Click on the the small arrow to the right or left of the “0” in the right part of the dialog box. Repeat the clicks until the image is nearly straight, then click on the slider to perfect the job.

Illustration by Scott Bourne

Thanks Ellen Anon

PS: Ellen is the co-author (W/Tim Grey) of a very popular Photoshop book called Photoshop for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book.

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