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January 31, 2006

Aperture Trick #28 – Resizing The Light Table

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You may find that once you’ve moved images around on an Aperture Light Table that your dimensions get out of control. To quickly bring the Light Table back to its minimum size, Control-click on the gray portion of the Light Table. A flyout, contextual menu appears – choose “Minimize Size.”

You can also use this menu to:

1) Arrange All Items,
2) Zoom To 100%
3) Zoom To Fit
4) Choose The Navigator


January 30, 2006

Update on the Pixel Corps training class…

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We usually don’t do things like this, but I wanted to thank Aperturetricks readers for their support. If you sign up for our March 17-18, 2006 class in San Francisco, you can get $50 off if you use the coupon code:


NOTE: This offer is valid for 48 hours unless the class sells out sooner. It’s first come, first served.

For more information go to Pixel Corps Training.


First Ever Aperture Podcast!

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Well it ain’t Dick Clark but I just launched the world’s first Aperture only podcast. Give a listen.

Here’s the link:


Hope you like it.

(NOTE: We just realized our mic pre-amps failed and consequently, the audio had to be mixed at a low volume to match the mics. So you might need to crank up your iPod or iTunes to hear this episode. We have new mic pres on the way and will have better technical quality for show two. We’ll also re-record show one when we get a chance.

Inside Mac Radio Show – Aperture

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Derrick Story and I were guests on Scott Sheppard’s Inside Mac Radio 1220 AM in San Francisco and available worldwide as a podcast here.

We did two full segments on Aperture. Our segment is about one third of the way into the show.

January 29, 2006

Announcing The Release of Aperture2iLife

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Lightbox Software announces a new Aperture tool: Aperture2iLife http://www.lightboxsoftware.com/aperture

Aperture2iLife allows you to take your Aperture projects and images and use them instead of iPhoto in your iLife and iWork applications, from iWeb to iDVD. To use it, make sure iPhoto is not running, open Aperture2iLife, select a project, and click “Start.” Aperture2iLife will load your project’s images and generate thumbnails. Furthermore, you can choose to use your Master files directly, but since some of the iApps can’t load RAW files, you can also set it to create jpegs with the changes you’ve made to your images in Aperture automatically applied. Then, leave Aperture2iLife running and go open up an iApp to see your photos! Be aware that if you switch projects, you’ll have to close and re-open your iApp, and do not run iPhoto while using Aperture2iLife since iPhoto will interfere with Aperture2iLife.

NOTE: I tested Josh’s program and it absolutely works. Of course, not everyone who uses Aperture cares about bringing images from Aperture into iLife, but if you do, this program makes that happen seamlessly. You can write Automator scripts to do the same thing but it’s not something everyone knows how to do or even has time to do. Josh’s program works well and is in my opinion, a good solution.
If you have a product or service of interest to Aperture users, please let us know here at Aperturetricks.com and we’ll spread the word if we think the product makes sense.

January 28, 2006

Monthly Drawing Winner Announced

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Congratulations to Tom Utterback of Indiana. Tom selected a Nikon version of the Lensbaby.

If you’d like the chance to win a prize, just send us your Aperture tricks, tips, news or information.

Next drawing is March 1, 2006 – We’ll be giving away some Aperture books and some inkjet paper from Inkjet Direct.

January 27, 2006

Aperture Class Offered

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Well here goes folks. Our good friends at Pixel Corps have asked Derrick Story and me to teach our Introduction to Aperture 2-Day Lecture/Demo Course. The location: Pixel Corps Headquarters, in beautiful downtown San Francisco right across the street from Virgin Records.

Fee: $249

Synopsis: Apple’s Aperture is the complete postproduction tool for serious digital photographers. Once you capture the images, Aperture handles uploading, organizing, archiving, image processing, and output. This application is especially appealing to photographers who prefer to use Raw format. Aperture lets you manage your Raw files — from importing to processing and printing — without ever having to convert them. This two-day workshop will introduce you to all of Aperture’s major functions. If you want to learn how to effectively and efficiently edit, process, catalog, keyword, archive, distribute, and backup your digital images, this class is for you.

Requirements: This is a lecture/demo class; a laptop with Aperture is optional.

For all the details visit Pixel Corps Training.

NOTE: This is the same class Derrick and I offered at Macworld for about $600 less money. It will sell out and soon so don’t delay if you’re interested.

Aperture Trick #27 – Change Fonts In Books

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While it may appear that you cannot change fonts or fonts sizes in Aperture’s book layouts, you can. You can select any font or font size you want for any text in an Aperture book. Here’s how:

Select the text you want to change and right-click (or Control-click) that text. A fly-out sub menu (also called a drop down box) will appear. Scroll down this menu to FONT> SHOW FONTS – A fonts box will open on the right side of the screen. In this box you can change the font’s size, color, etc.

You can go to the size box and type in any size you want or you can use the provided font sizes. Be sure to use only whole numbers. In this box, you can also change the vertical alignment of the highlighted text, and the button in the upper left (T) creates a drop down shadow.

This was a trick we’d already figured out but so had a bunch of our readers and contributors including Jeff Weinberg, Tom Williams, Tom Utterback, Jay Tufton and Derrick Story. Thanks folks and keep em coming!

January 26, 2006

Don’t forget the archives…

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Believe it or not, after a mere six weeks or so of blogging, we have 26 Aperture tricks available for you here at Aperturetricks.com. So be sure to look for the archives in the nav bar on the right and click through the older months to get all the goods.

And if anyone is a Blogger expert and has an idea how I could create a more valuable reference to the archives or a better master list of all tips I am all ears. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we’re up to 300 tips but it’s a problem I am looking forward to.

January 25, 2006

What the critics don’t get about Apple’s Aperture

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My story entitled, “What the critics don’t get about Apple’s Aperture,” has been posted at MacDevCenter.

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