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December 24, 2005

UPDATE To The ARS Technica Review

Filed under: Reviews — Scott @ 9:00 am

Many people are unaware that the extremely negative review of Aperture posted at ARS Technica has been updated. Here is the link:


My advice is to read the update FIRST and then read the original review. Then I ask you to consider three things.

1) The guy reviewing this professional photo application is not a professional photographer.

2) Apple has posted a significant bug fix, release version 1.01 that addresses many of the complaints raised in the ARS review.

3) The sample pictures posted in the updated ARS review appear to me to be close to identical – yet Dave, the reviewer, would have us believe that there’s a world of difference between the quality. As a pro with 33 years experience I don’t see this great quality advantage he’s talking about.

As I said in an earlier thread, it’s easy to get attention when you’re burning down a building. It’s harder to get attention when you build something up. While I don’t think Aperture is perfect, I think the ARS Technica review did the photo community a great dis-service. I also predict that in a few short months, these negative reviews will give way to more positive reviews.


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