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December 17, 2005


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Aperture Tricks is open to your comments, questions, news, concerns, tips and of course, your Aperture tricks. If you’re ACTUALLY USING THE PROGRAM and have suggestions, tips, tricks, etc, please send them to dukeofdigital@aol.com or post comments in the comment threads. You can ask questions or relate news items if you don’t use Aperture.

Please note that you will NEVER be flamed, attacked, etc., here on AT. Why? Because I moderate all comments. You can of course flame me. I will however just delete those posts.

Also, all posters must submit a valid e-mail address and register. I don’t believe in ANON comments. If you’re not willing to stand behind what you say, then I doubt you have anything of value to offer. The rules are simple. You must be a real person and willing to identify yourself if you want to post and you must agree to conduct yourself in a civil manner. That way, this blog can be about genuine help for people interested in Aperture and nothing else!

So if you have something useful, helpful or valuable to say, or you just have a question, by all means pipe up. We’ll have some sponsors here pretty soon and I will evaluate the best tricks, comments, etc., submitted by readers and provide super prizes to AT LEAST one contributor every quarter.


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