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December 16, 2005

Mixed Reviews

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The reviews on Apple’s Aperture are starting to pour in. Lots of reviews of the product have popped up on the Web. Some before Apple had actually shipped final retail versions of the product. That had me thinking. Some of these reviews are a bit premature.

So I called my contacts at Apple. It took several calls to several contacts. Finally I connected with Christine Wilhelmy who is a PR person at Apple and she reports directly to Cameron Craig, Apple Sr. PR Manager, Pro Apps Media Relations. She confirmed for me that some of the reviewers who reviewed Aperture didn’t even have access to the program!!! No, I am not naming names. I didn’t even ask for names. I just wanted to confirm my suspicion.

You see, call me old fashioned but I think you should have to actually at least have ACCESS to a program to review it! I do get tired of some of the camera club types who spout off their opinion on every camera, lens and photo-related software program whether they have actually USED the product or not. Can I get an AMEN?

I then further diagnosed the reviews I found online and decided that many of them were simply incomplete. And the reason is simple. People are rushing to judgment in order to get a scoop. How can you possibly know enough about such a ground breaking program to write a competent review in a matter of days?

So will I write a formal review of the program? You betcha! I’m not on Apple’s payroll so I can say what I like. And while I’m an Aperture user, that doesn’t mean I’m an Aperture cheerleaders. I’ll tell it like it is.

So rather than focusing on being first, I’ll focus on being complete and diligent. I will really put Aperture through its paces and THEN write a review. Besides, I already am getting hints that Apple has some modifications in mind so I will wait for reportable information on that before I post the review. Stay tuned.

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