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December 31, 2005

Aperture Trick #12 ZOOM ALL IMAGES

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When you have two or more images visible in the viewer and you have used ‘Zoom to Actual Size’ all images will display at 100%.

This seems to be true in every view mode. This also works with Aperture Trick #9; zooming all visible images to 100% based on whichever image has the cursor over it.

Holding down space allows you to drag around the zoomed image, but if you hold shift and space together, all zoomed images will drag.

This is ideal for comparing point of focus across multiple images.

Thanks Doug Young!

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Redesign & Housekeeping

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If you’re a regular visitor to Aperture Tricks, you may have noticed our new design. We had some readability complaints with our old design and were using some IE hacks that were causing some browser problems so we opted for this more understated approach to solve both problems.

Also note you can search the entire site at the bottom of the page using Google Search.

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December 30, 2005

Have the Reviewers Got It Wrong?

Filed under: Reviews — Scott @ 3:44 pm

ApertureTricks.com reviews the reviewers in this exclusive blog-based article called,
What the Critics Don’t Get About Apple’s Aperture.


It’s controversial and will challenge some of the false assertions already making their way through the Internet crawl space. If you like it pass it on. If you think I’ve got it wrong, let me know.

By the way, What the Critics Don’t Get About Apple’s Aperture along with all the other content on this site is available for syndication. For more information, send e-mail to aperturetricks at aol.com. Stay tuned for more Aperture Tricks over the New Year holiday. And if you have tips, tricks, secrets or news about Aperture, send it to us ASAP! We’re creating the biggest Aperture community on the web with your help!


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When ordering an Aperture book, Aperture creates a pdf file which is then uploaded to Apple’s servers. This pdf file is stored here:


This file is deleted after the upload is complete.

If you are having problems getting a book printed it may be useful to examine this file.

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December 29, 2005


Filed under: Tricks — Scott @ 7:25 am

Are you frustrated by the fact that Aperture keeps the camera > generated file name when you import images? If so, there’s an easy workaround. Just export the original RAW files, delete the original project and then re-import using new names to achieve the same end result. Note the renaming must be done on Export rather than Import.

Thanks Doug Young.

Remember, if you have an Aperture Trick, send it to aperturetricks at aol.com.

December 28, 2005

Aperture Trick #9 ZOOM TRICK

Filed under: Tricks — Scott @ 6:40 am

When you press the “Z” key to Zoom, you view the image at 100%. The image will zoom into the portion of the image that represents the location of your mouse. So to avoid panning around a large image, just place the mouse near where you want to zoom in the first place.

December 27, 2005

Aperture Trick #8 1.01 UPDATE BUG FIX

Filed under: Tricks — Scott @ 4:27 pm

If you downloaded the version 1.01 Aperture bug fix, you may have noticed that the bug fix had a bug. The “receipt” wasn’t updating properly and people who’d downloaded the software were getting the message that they still needed to download the update via Apple’s Software Update.

Apple fixed this problem and if Aperture still shows up as a program you need to update, simply run the updater one more time and the recipt will be delivered showing your computer that the program is indeed up-to-date.

December 24, 2005

UPDATE To The ARS Technica Review

Filed under: Reviews — Scott @ 9:00 am

Many people are unaware that the extremely negative review of Aperture posted at ARS Technica has been updated. Here is the link:


My advice is to read the update FIRST and then read the original review. Then I ask you to consider three things.

1) The guy reviewing this professional photo application is not a professional photographer.

2) Apple has posted a significant bug fix, release version 1.01 that addresses many of the complaints raised in the ARS review.

3) The sample pictures posted in the updated ARS review appear to me to be close to identical – yet Dave, the reviewer, would have us believe that there’s a world of difference between the quality. As a pro with 33 years experience I don’t see this great quality advantage he’s talking about.

As I said in an earlier thread, it’s easy to get attention when you’re burning down a building. It’s harder to get attention when you build something up. While I don’t think Aperture is perfect, I think the ARS Technica review did the photo community a great dis-service. I also predict that in a few short months, these negative reviews will give way to more positive reviews.

Aperture Trick #7 EXPOSE W/APERTURE

Filed under: Tricks — Scott @ 8:45 am

If you’re working on a light-table, and you make a pile of images (not a “stack”, just a plain old messy pile of images stacked one on-top another), you can expos√© this pile with the Shift+X keyboard shortcut (‘Uncover’ – there’s a button for it at the top of the light-table viewer).

Thanks Adrien for submitting this trick.

December 23, 2005


Filed under: Tricks — Scott @ 8:03 am

Stacks are one of Aperture’s coolest features. You can “stack” images together for easier compare and select or just to keep like images together. If you want to use two images from a stack independently of each other, you have several choices:

1) You can extract one of them from the stack
2) You can split the stack
3) You can just unstack the images

Remember that once you make changes to a stack, those changes will show up everywhere the stack appears.

You can also use an image outside the stack while keeping your stack intact. Hold the Option key and drag the image to a location in the browser (outside the stack.) This makes a copy. Happy stacking!

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